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Patches of Blue Quilt Along – Quilt Assembly

Updated: Jan 4

12 months ago we planted this seed and started growing our Patches of Blue Quilt-A-Long.

There were so many beautiful quilt blocks in our Patches of Blue book to inspire and make,

it was hard to wrap my arms around them all. No less, I picked a few of my favorites and

you were so kind to quilt along with me, I am so thankful for that!

January 2018 – While the ground was still covered in snow and Frost we started our first block.

February 2018 – We got our sweetheart a Gift Basket.

March 2018 – It might not have been a light show but making our saw tooth stars brightened up my day, and I hope yours too.

April 2018 – I should have been sprucing up the house but instead I was working on my Blue Spruce block!

May 2018 – The April showers brought us Blue Bell flowers.

June 2018 – Those hot summer days had me dreaming of winter and the Shimmering Snow.

July 2018 – What a TREE-T it was to have this block to work on in the middle of the year.

August 2018 – While enjoying my time outside, I couldn’t help but notice the big sky and Shinning Stars.

September 2018 – As the seasons were changing, I was already imaging the First Flakes of winter.

October 2018 – It might have been pumpkin season, but we were more excited about our Blue Barn Block.

November 2018 – Can you hear the Sleigh Bells ringing?