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Patchwork Barn – The Quilt Show

Nervous as a rabbit, I approached the steps to the CBS studio in Denver Colorado,

to tape another episode of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tim!

The lights, cameras, and live audience, sure adds excitement to the event.

Maybe standing next to Alex, one of my favorite quilters, was the cause for my enjoyment!

Or maybe I was just thrilled because I brought “Patchwork Barn” with me – the new 2018 Quilt Show BOM to share with you!

I just LOVE this quilt! I worked on it all summer.

It has a beautiful selection of 6 inch blocks and appliques side by side.

With the medallion-like center barn block, this original design is a true playground for any level quilter.

The stunning “Patchwork Barn” quilt is perfect to decorate your home for any season.

If you would like to join, simply click the link above to visit The Quilt Show for more details.

And just in case “blue” is not your thing –  this quilt looks wonderful in any color option! It is shown above using our “Crystal Farm” fabric collection.

Which color do you think you’d like to use in this quilt?

Happy Quilting! Edyta

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