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Pillow Talk

I have made my pillow from a very special antique quilt that belonged to Anna Sitar, my husband’s Grandmother. The story begins many years ago when I was fortunate enough to move in with Grandma. She was the one that taught me how to quilt and  knowing how precious quilts were to her, she surprised me when she reached out and cut a piece off this quilt to dust her house with it… I was shocked with what she was doing and of course questioned her behavior! She shared with me the story of one of her first quilts that she had made about 64 years ago. It was a special quilt that she so gently pieced together as her wedding quilt. A quilt that had blessed her bed for many happy years and had witnessed many of life’s major milestones, from the birth of her three children to the loss of her husband, that quilt was on her bed to capture the happy moments, absorb tears and offer unexplained comfort.

I asked Grandma if I could please have that quilt. She was quite surprised, she did not want to give me a quilt with holes and pieces cut out from the middle like Swiss cheese. She quickly offered many of her hand made treasures, but my mind was set, I wanted that quilt like a seed so I could plant my own and watch it grow.

Star of Bethlehem

When the time came for my husband and I to celebrate our tenth anniversary, I wanted to mark that occasion by bringing Grandma’s wedding quilt back into the Sitar household. I have to tell you, making this quilt was much easier than being married for 10 years, even though my husband is an absolute sweet heart! The Star of Bethlehem in the photo above is my variation of Grandma’s wedding quilt.

Finally I took the original quilt and cut one more square from it, not for dusting, but to use it as a front of my pillow. 

This pillow created from Grandma’s quilt symbolizes my humble beginnings and the family tradition that I have adopted and enjoy immensely. The Feathered Star quilt in the backdrop is a new pattern using fabrics from my new collection “Sweet Sixteen” with Moda.

The pillow back is made using a piece of fabric from my Sweet Sixteen Collection and I put the remains of Grandma’s quilt inside of the pillow as the filling.

I hope you have enjoyed my pillow talk!

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