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Pillow Talk – Neon Lights

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Sometime a little change makes a big difference.

Even Oliver agrees! To set a new mood for the season, it can be as simple as a change of pillows on your couch.

So lets grab my summer favorite off the couch…

…and replace it with my fall favorite, “Neon Lights”.

This one captures all the beautiful changing of colors that you see outside starting in September and gives me a chance to sit down for a moment and do some handwork using English Paper Piecing (EPP).

To create this project, we will need our Pillow Talk book, fabrics, glue, EPP Diamond Charms, thread, and a needle.

Our Olive Branch Charm Pack or Jelly Roll and acrylic template works wonderfully for this project if you are planning on cutting your own pieces.

To speed things up, I am going to use our laser pre-cut kit for Neon Lights.

I love these kits – all of the fabrics pieces cut and ready to start! We’ll also need a package of diamond charms and a glue stick.

Place your paper diamonds on the wrong side of the fabric, be sure it’s centered then

roll the edges of the fabric onto the paper and lightly secure using your glue stick.

Now the fun begins – we are going to stitch our diamonds together using our Clover “Black Gold” applique needles and Aurifil thread!

Using a simple whip stitch, sew edges of fabric diamonds together.

I like to use “Wonder” binding clips to hold pieces together as I am working

For additional detail on stitching visit the Laundry Basket Quilts YouTube Channel.

Keep stitching and in no time you’ll have a beautiful pillow with which to decorate.

And you just might end up with a couch full of pillows!

Happy Quilting Edyta

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