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Serendipity – An Unexpected Project

If you have not tried Accuquilt dies before, I highly recommend you do!

I am so happy with this new Serendipity Specialty Set. It’s a great set for quilters of all ability levels from beginners to advanced.

In the box you will find a nice selection of applique and dies as well as patterns and a step-by-step DVD on how to use them.

I had to try the little heart right away and boy was I in love with how quickly and accurately I was cutting!

Then I moved on to the basket. You know I love baskets. 🙂

Very quickly I ended up with a beautiful rainbow of them on my dining room table.

I had so much fun and with so many wonderful options of shapes, my baskets started to blossom and fill up with flowers and leaves.

With a tiny splash of color and quarter square triangle die, I added a little sashing between my blocks. It’s so easy to create and make your own custom quilts. This project is also great for BOM.

As soon as I finished my quilt, I was ready to decorate with it.

I noticed that no matter where I placed it, either on the wall or draped over the door of my favorite cupboard, it added delightful colors, like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. 

It was time to try the Shooting Star die, one of my personal favorite quilting blocks. I am looking forward to showing you my progress with this adorable block to be featured on my next blog post. Until then, make sure you collect your scraps so you can try this one with me. These projects are bound to brighten any room!

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