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Something for the mind, something for the body.

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The last few weeks, I had the pleasure of quilting with all of you. We started with our Mystery Quilt (California)

We have been keeping our minds engaged!

For the body – we have been making masks.

Some of you have requested that I share my template for the masks that I have been working with to keep myself and my friends/family protected.

Let’s make one together – you will need:

  1. Fabric (2 pieces, 6″ x 12″)

  2. Elastic or a strip from a t-shirt (1″ x 12″)

  3. Interfacing (optional)

  4. Our PDF pattern (download for free here)

Using our PDF pattern, choose a size and cut 4 shapes – 2 from each fabric.

I cut the medium size for myself and I placed my ruler over when cutting from the paper template for stability.

Place two matching pieces, right sides together, and stitch around the arch using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Push your seam allowance toward one direction and top stitch to add a little extra stiffness to the seam.

Place the two units (right sides together), match the center seam, and pin.

Stitch on the top and bottom edge of the mask, leaving the sides open.

Turn the unit right side out.

Fold the unfinished side edges in about 1/2″.

Press and prepare your elastic / t-shirt strip.

FOR T-SHIRT STRIPS: pull on the strip which will make it roll.

Next cut into two smaller sections as shown above (approximately 6″ each).

Position and pin in place the ends of the elastic/t-shirt strip inside the opening on the sides of the mask. Visit our YouTube channel for more detail.

Top stitch the elastic / t-shirt strips in to place. You just finished your first mask!

NOTE: this is an educational tutorial only.

This product and design is not intended for medical purposes and has not been tested to, or claims to, protect from spread of virus or disease.

This has been a difficult time for all of us and we are doing our best to navigate through it.

Have the most wonderful weekend!

I am looking forward to seeing all your Super Bloom projects.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Happy Quilting, Edyta

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