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Spools, Spools, Spools

Ever since my original “Friendship Spools” quilt was released in our “Friendship Strips and Scraps” book we have enjoyed exchanging strips, making spools and creating beautiful quilts, pincushions, table runners, etc.

This is another one of my favorite spool blocks, it is made from squares…

… and I’d love to show you my technique of how to make this simple spool block!

We need a few supplies: Fabrics – I used one JellyBean Mini Charm pack (2-1/2″ squares) but you can use any fabric cut to any size squares as long as all squares are the same size. Thread – Aurifil 2370. Needle – Microtex Fabric Pencil – SewLine Rotary, Ruler, Mat, Pins … you know your favorites!

Choose your fabrics.

You need 5 squares, 2 light, 2 dark, 1 accent.

Place the light squares on top of the dark squares, right sides together.

Use your rotary to cut the square sets in half as shown above to create 2 strip sets.

Save one set of strips to the side. Make a second cut through only one set of strips as shown above to create 4 small square sets.

Draw a diagonal line across all 4 of your small square sets.

Using chain sewing, stitch on this line for all 4 small square sets.

Trim each set 1/4″ away from the stitch line and cut it apart. Press half square triangles open, pushing your seam allowance toward the light fabric.

Using all of the pieces, lay out your spool block as shown above.

Next we will sew the pieces into rows. I like to pin my pieces before sewing to keep them in place.

Sew rows together.

Notice the seam allowances, if you push them as shown the block will look great.

Once you complete one, I’m sure there will be no stopping!

Remember to square up your blocks, I used a mini charm (2-1/2″ squares) so my blocks trim to 4″ x 4″ unfinished.

You can use this technique for any size squares, picture above shows a spool made from a Mini Charm pack (2-1/2″), Charm Pack (5″), and a Layer Cake (10″).

My two favorites are the Mini Charm and Charm sizes.

I hope you enjoyed my little spools, if you try this block please share them with us on instagram with hashtag #laundrybasketspools, or just email us a photo at We love seeing your projects!

Happy Quilting! Edyta

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