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Star Upon Stars QA - Week 2

I am SEW glad you are joining us for our

Welcome to Week 2. If you are just joining us, click here for more information on this fun event.

Today, we will be making Diamonds and sewing them to Whole Stars.

For this project, I chose our Primrose Fat Quarter, Star Upon Stars Template Set,

Scrappy Lights Fat Eighth Bundle, and Scrappy Darks Fat Eighth Bundle (or you can use scraps from your own stash), Aurifil Thread – 2370 or 2325, Rotary, Creative Grids® Ruler, Fabric Pencil and Best Press.

Edyta's Tip: I strongly advise starching your fabrics before you begin. I love how well Best Press spray works!

Cutting directions for this project can be found in our Star Upon Stars Pattern

or in our book, Patches of Stars.

Edyta's Tip: I cut my strips using my 4½" x 12½" Creative Grids Ruler then used my acrylic

Star Upon Stars Template Set. It was so easy and quick to cut pieces for my stars!

When starting this project, I think it is best to do one block at a time.

Diamond Points

Start by making just 1 Star to learn the technique.

Diamond points are constructed from five different strip sets: A, B, C, D, and E. The construction and cutting of the strip sets is the same for each of the five strip sets.

Color placement is the only difference.

(Please note: My fabric colors may vary in step-by-step photos.

I am using my scraps to share the technique with you.)

Select your fabrics. For one block, I selected:

9 Fat Eighths to make eight matching Diamond Points.

Edyta's Tip: Once you finish cutting your strips, place all your leftover fabrics back into your stash so you can incorporate these pieces into future blocks. This will help tie all your blocks together.


Follow the cutting directions in the pattern:

Print 1: one strip

Print 2: two strips

Print 3: three strips

Print 4: four strips

Print 5: five strips

Print 6: four strips

Print 7: three strips

Print 8: two strips

Print 9: one strip

Join five strips together, offsetting the strip ½" as shown.

(Please note: My fabric colors may vary in step-by-step photos.

I am using my scraps to share the technique with you.)

Sew into pairs and then sew together. Press seam allowances in one direction.

Align the 45-degree line on a ruler with the strip set's seam and trim a 45-degree angle on the left edge of the strip set. Place 1" line on ruler alone just-cut angled edge and subcut eight 1"-wide segments.

Repeat steps above to assemble one strip set of each of the remaining four combinations (B,C,D, and E).

Cut eight 1"-wide segments from each strip set.

To combine segments, place two right sides together, pin and sew.

Press seam open.

I like to use my Pressing Tool.

Combine 5 segments together as shown to make a Diamond Point.

Repeat to make a set of eight matching Diamond Points.

Mark dots ¼" from the points of the diamonds using template.

This is the perfect time to addition your diamonds to place them in the position you desire.

Look how differnt the blocks look, just by rotating the diamonds!

Position 2 diamonds right side together. Pin as shown above.

Begin sewing at the tip of the diamond. Sew to the 1/4" point, stop and backstitch. Sew the remaining set of diamonds in the same manner to create 4 sets of two diamonds.

We will be using basic Eight Point Stars directions to complete the Star.

Instead of Squares and Triangles, we will be using our Small Star blocks and Half Star blocks

that we have made last week as the background pieces.

If you need extra help, just watch our Week 1 video!

Edyta's Tip: Always begin with the Half Small Star blocks.

Use Pins!

I'm so proud of you! You just finished your first full block!

This unfinished block should be 12 ½" x 12 ½".

Continue sewing your star blocks and don't forget you will also be making

half blocks and quarter blocks for this beautiful quilt.

Watch our YouTube video for more details, and join us LIVE on Fridays at 11am PST if you have questions.

Look at you shine!

I am SEW proud of your hard work - keep going!

Can't wait to see you next Wednesday!

Happy Quilting!


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