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Star Upon Stars Quilt Along - Housekeeping

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

I am SEW excited to invite you to our

Star Upon Stars Quilt Along!

Beginning *New start date Wednesday, March 22nd, we will be reaching for the stars!

Join us every Wednesday for 3 weeks on our Blog and YouTube Channel starting March 22nd

to make this stunning design a reality.

This blog is your guide for all the fabric and supplies you will need to make a beautiful quilt. Don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

to stay in orbit with us during this stellar Star Upon Stars Quilt Along!

Fabric Requirements

Star block and Cornerstone Stars:

82 minimum Fat Eighths* of multi color fabric

Background: 20 Fat Eighths* of light fabric Sashing: 18 Fat Eighths assorted light fabric 16 Fat Eighths assorted dark fabric 9 Fat Eighths assorted pink fabric

Binding: 3/4 yard Backing: 4 yards

*Fat Eighth 9" x 21"

Below are all the bundles we recommend:

FABRICS {We have two fabric options- choose one or do a mixture of both if your stash isn't big enough}

and Scrappy Darks Fat Eighth Bundle for an amazing array of colors and prints.

• Option 2: Primrose Fat Quarter Bundle and fabrics from your own collected stash.

Edyta's Tip: I absolutely LOVE an overflowing scrap basket and finding projects to use them on!

If you have a basket full, don't be afraid to dive in! Along with the Primrose FQ or F8 bundle, you'll still need plenty of fabrics to choose from - I'll certainly be tapping into my own stash! Having plenty of extra of colors and prints to pull is SEW helpful when creating beautiful,

one-of-a-kind designs. Don't limit yourself! We'll have these stars shining just for YOU!

Binding: 3/4 yard of fabric in a complimentary color -or- if keep using up those scraps for a scrappy binding. (We recommend Primrose fabrics. Choose your favorite for your binding!) Backing: 4 yards light fabric - So many beautiful fabrics on our website to choose from. Click here.

LBQ exclusive: Looking to up your stash game? Become a part of our Fabric Club and never go scrapless again!

PATTERN {Choose one option}

Star Upon Stars Pattern or Patches of Stars Book (and really reach for those stars!)


NOTIONS {These are my recommendations}

Edyta’s Tip: I like to press all my fabric ahead of cutting. I use Best Press for a nice, crisp finish!

Edyta’s Tip: Always have a stash of fresh blades for your rotary and remember to change yours often

for the cleanest cuts.

I am SEW looking forward to quilting with you!

Please lets be kind, this is a free event, and please remember I am doing

my best to provide you with all the information to show you how I made my quilt.

This quilt is intermediate - advanced level quilters or anyone who feels up for a challenge!

Star Upon Stars is inspired by an antique quilt from 1846 that I saw in the Grand Rapids Public Museum in Michigan. I knew I had to get permission to re-create it as a pattern and I am so thankful to have had this chance. This quilt sparkles bright in my heart and I am SEW excited to share it with you.

This was a special day with my friends, back in Michigan.

Click here to see the original Blog.

Grow your quilting skills with me this spring!

See you March 22nd!

Happy Quilting,


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Mar 21, 2023

I have had the book for several years but been afraid to attempt all the angles. Excited to begin, I used my stash and have cut most of my strips per instructions. I was disappointed when the time was pushed forward so I watched your tutorial on 8 point stars and began those tiny 4x4 squares. You are such an inspiration!!


Mar 20, 2023

For those who asked will the content be available if we miss a Weds presentation, Edyta’s wonderful staff person Cindy explained to me yes, via the blogpost, when I asked her that question in the process of resolving another query. Sounds like once posted the content will be there at least for the three weeks. Can’t wait for this! I’ve admired this quilt for so long.


Mar 14, 2023

Thank you for doing this quilt along! I have had your book for a few years but I thought I would never be able to make this quilt. But I think with your videos and blog I might be able to do it! I am very excited!


Mar 11, 2023

I love this quilt and want to participate. I am a CPA just can't work on this right now. Will Blog and Videos be available after the live presentations?


Mar 11, 2023

I’m excited to start this project…I’ve ordered the fabric bundle to get started. I’m an Intermediate quilter so this will challenge me.

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