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Summer Mystery II Bundles

A big

Thank You

to everyone who has joined me on

this Summer Mystery Quilting adventure so far!

Oliver is SEW proud

of your hard work!

The interest in this project

has been overwhelming.

Many of you have reached out and

requested some more of our bundles

for this wonderful quilt!

So Oliver and I have a little surprise. . .

We got quickly to work

(Oliver mostly watched me..)

ordering and picking some beautiful fabrics to match our Mystery Summer Bundles to

create Mystery Summer II Bundles.

I can't wait to show you what we came up with!

Your favorite Day Trip Bundle remains the same as the original bundle for our Summer Mystery Quilt

that I show on our Blog and YouTube Channel and will be available to ship July 11th.

Thank you so much for being patient and signing up for the bundles!

is sew cute and almost

exactly as the original one.

We made a few adjustments, but the flavor is still so deliciously yummy!

You will be so happy how close

we were able to match this one!

There is one big change for our Summer II Bundles:

These bundles do not include the light background fabric.

This of course is reflected in the price of the bundles.

Many of you have your own lights that you want to use for this beautiful quilt,

and for some of you that are still looking for some gorgeous lights,

we recommend these amazing options below:

(It would be a little bit more

scrappy, but SEW beautiful!)

(Light and fresh)

You can still join us on the Blog and on our YouTube Channel

for step by step instructions for each block.

You'll be caught up in no time!

It's really amazing that we are all quilting together each week.

I love that we are all working on the same blocks at the same time

but in different places all over the world. How special is that?!

I am having SEW much FUN and hope you are too!

Happy Quilting!


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1 comentário

08 de jul. de 2022

You are so much fun 🙂 and your fabrics and patterns are beautiful !!!

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