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Summer Mystery Quilt 2022 - Week 7

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Hello Friends!

I'm happy to report, it's time to add

a little pop of color to our Summer Mystery Quilt!

Below is all the information you need to prepare before joining me on our Youtube Channel for step-by-step instructions.

For Block 7, you will need:

(These notions are just my recommendations)

Fabrics (1 dark fabric, 1 accent fabric, and 1 light background)

Sew Daisy Fabric Markers

Creative Grids® Stripology Mini Quilt Ruler or Ruler

• Aurifil Thread – 2370 recommended

Olfa Rotary and Blades

Edyta’s Tip: Always have a stash of fresh blades for your rotary and remember to change yours often. for the cleanest cuts.

Sewline Fabric Pencil, Best Press, Pins, scissors, and fresh Microtex Needles 70/10

Block 7

We will be making 12 total Block 7s.

Cutting Directions:

Begin by cutting from 1 dark, 1 accent, and 1 light background fabric:

6" Finished Block - cutting for 12 blocks

1 Light Background Fabric - 12 squares 4¼" x 4¼" and 48 squares 2" x 2"

1 Accent Fabric - 48 squares 2⅜" x 2⅜"

1 Dark Fabric - 12 center squares 3½" x 3½"

9" Finished Block - cutting for 12 blocks

1 Light Background Fabric - 12 squares 5¾" x 5¾" and 48 squares 2¾" x 2¾"

1 Accent Fabric - 48 squares 3⅛" x 3⅛"

1 Dark Fabric - 12 center squares 5" x 5"

For 1 block, select 1 dark center square, 4 accent squares,

4 light background squares (2" x 2"), and 1 light background square (4¼" x 4¼") as shown above.

Watch the Block 7 video for more details.

Block Assembly

Place two accent squares (2⅜" x 2⅜") on opposite corners of the 4¼" x 4¼" light background square, right sides together.

For 9" finished block, place two accent squares (3⅛" x 3⅛") on opposite corners of the 5¾" x 5¾" light background square, right sides together.

Draw a diagonal line across your unit using your fabric pencil and a ruler.

Sew 1/4" away on both sides of diagonal line.

Cut along the line to create two units.

Press units open.

Watch our video for more details.

Place your next two accent squares on each open unit, as shown.

Align your ruler on the square and draw a diagonal line.

Sew on each side on the line, then cut on the line.

Repeat steps for both units.

Open all 4 units, pressing towards the accent fabric.

You have just created 4 flying geese units.

Please trim your flying geese to 2" x 3½".

For 9" finished block, please trim your flying geese to 2¾" x 5".

Please watch our video for detailed instructions on this step.

Now arrange your 4 flying geese around the dark center square with a 2" x 2" light background square in each corner to create a Sawtooth Star block.

Pin and sew into rows.

Sew rows together.

Press seam allowances open. Trim to 6½" x 6½" unfinished.

For 9" finished block, trim to 9½" x 9½" unfinished.

Repeat steps for a total of 12 Block 7s.

Watch our YouTube Channel for this block's step-by-step instructions and tips on how to make this project.

Our Block 7s will be positioned as shown above in our Summer Mystery Quilt 2022 grid.

Click here to download a PDF copy of Summer Mystery Quilt 2022 Block 7.


Day Trip Linen Texture Collection

Beach Day Fabric Bundle

Trail Hike Fabric Bundle

Lemonade Stand Fabric Bundle

Practical Magic Fabric Collection

Bluebird Fabric Collection

Lady Tulip Fabric Collection

These are just a few of our fabric options- I can't wait to see what you create!

Visit our website for more stunning options.

Happy Quilting!


Please remember to share your progress photos to Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Tag us @laundrybasketquilts and use #summermysteryquilt2022.

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