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Super Bloom – Block 4

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Hello friends! It’s time for Block 4 of our Super Bloom Block of the Month (BOM).

Let’s gather our supplies and get started!

No matter if you’re using your pre-cut kit or are cutting your own pieces, we will have “sew” much fun!

I absolutely love those little pre-cut kits! They make this beautiful project so easy.

If you are interested in the Super Bloom Pre-Cut Kit, we will have a few more available next week. Click here to add your email to the notification list and we’ll let you know as soon as they are in stock!

Let’s start by making half square triangle units from blue and light Half Square Triangles (HST).

Don’t forget to press and trim those bunny ears! Make 4.

The next HST will be in pink and light fabric.

Press, trim, and make 8.

Now time for little four-patches!

Chain sewing makes the assembly of these sew fast and fun.

Sew rows together…

…and press the seams as shown above. Make 4.

Layout 2 pink HSTs, 1 blue HST, and 1 four-patch.

Sew into a corner unit, press, and trim. Make 4.

Next we’ll move onto assembling the side unit, it will be made from 3 strips.

Press seam allowance in one direction towards light and trim. Make 4.