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Super Bloom – Block 8

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Welcome back to our Super Bloom Block of the Month!

Isn’t it crazy how time flies when you’re having fun? We only one more month to go!

Grab yourself a delicious coffee, you’ve earned it, and let’s begin this equally-as-delicious block!

For Block 8, you’re going to need your Super Bloom Pattern, your laser-cut Block 8 package (or your Super Bloom bundle if you’ve been cutting your own pieces), a rotary, ruler, seam press, and pins.

Create a 4-patch using one blue square, one red square, and two light squares.

Sew the red square to a light square. Sew the blue square to a light square. Next push the seams towards the color squares.

Now sew the 2 units together and press. Repeat 3 more times to make four 4-patch and set aside.

Next, make one half-square triangle (HST) unit by joining one light and one blue HST.

Pin and sew.

Press seam allowance towards blue, clip bunny ears, and trim. Repeat 7 more times for a total of eight HST units.

Arrange a 4-patch square unit, two HST units, and a large square like above.

Pin and sew into rows.

Sew rows together. Repeat 3 more times for all four sets and put to the side.

To form your Flying Geese units arrange two small, light HSTs and one pink quarter-square triangle (QST).

Sew the left side and push seam allowance towards the pink QST. Pin and sew the right side, this time pushing seam allowance towards the HST.

Trim using your favorite Creative Grids ruler and rotary. Repeat 3 times to create four identical Flying Geese units and put to the side. Edyta’s Tip: The Bloc-Loc Flying Geese Ruler works great here!

Repeat the same steps for another set of 4 Flying Geese units, but this time use two small, pink HSTs and one light QST.

Sew left side and push seam allowance towards the light QST. Pin and sew right side, but this time push seam allowance towards the HST.

Trim your unit using a ruler and rotary. Repeat 3 times to create four identical Flying Geese units.

Now combine your Flying Geese units into 4 sets.

Pin and sew each set. Push seam allowance towards the QST unit. Repeat until you have done all 4.

Lay out all of your pieces to form the full block.

Sew units into rows.

Sew rows together and press to complete Block 8.

It’s almost time for your to reap your rewards from this year’s quilting harvest. As December quickly approaches and all the the family-filled holidays begin, don’t forget to set aside some time for yourself. Find a quiet corner to quilt in and contemplate all the things in life we can be thankful for, as we are certainly thankful for all of YOU.

Happy Quilting! Edyta

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