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Super Bloom – Block 9

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Welcome back to our Super Bloom Block of the Month!

You made it, this is the final block for our Super Bloom quilt!

Block 9 — a truly beautiful block. I definitely could use this one to make an entire quilt and I think I am going to do this one in blue for a winter quilt!

Gather your Super Bloom pattern, laser-cut fabrics (or your Super Bloom bundle if you’ve been cutting your own pieces), a rotary, ruler, seam press, Aurifil thread 2310, pins and let us begin!

Create a 4-patch using two blue squares and two light squares.

Sew the blue squares to the light ones and push seams towards the blue.

Now sew the 2 units together and press.

Take note: When you press these units, open the seam allowances in the back to create a little patch. This will let the center lay nice and flat. Repeat 3 more times and set them aside.

To create your Flying Geese units, arrange four small quarter-square triangles (2 pink and 2 blue QSTs) and one light QST.

Begin by sewing the pink QSTs to the blue QSTs and press seam allowances towards the blue fabric.

Then pin and sew the right side, pushing the seam allowance towards the light QST.

Next, pin and sew left side, again pushing the seam allowance towards the light QST.

Trim using your favorite Creative Grids ruler and rotary. Repeat 3 times to create four identical Flying Geese units and put to the side.

Edyta’s Tip: Pinning is important to get wonderful results.

Arrange 2 light QSTs and 2 pink QSTs as shown above.