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Tahoe Quilt Along - Diamond 5

Welcome to our Tahoe Quilt Along

I'm SEW excited and grateful to be quilting with you today!

Our quilt is beginning to grow so beautifully. Our Tahoe design is the perfect pattern to show off your colors and let your skills shine!

I am quilting using the Primrose collection, but you can choose from any of our

beautiful options or use your own fabric stash to make something magical!

Let's jump back in!

Please don't forget to refer back our Tahoe Quilt Along - General Directions

for your basic strip instructions and our YouTube video for additional guidance.

Diamond 5

Select your strips and combine into sets as shown.

Sew strip sets together.

Press seams open.

Repeat steps to make 8 Diamond 5.

Visit our YouTube Channel for our Diamond 5 video.

Isn't this diamond sew cute?!

Don't worry, we have plenty more to come.

Please sign up for our newsletter if you would like to be notified of all the happenings

at Laundry Basket Quilts. And use #TahoeQuiltAlong to post your progress!

Happy Quilting!


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Nov 04, 2023

I'm confused about diamond block 5. Should there be 16 of this block? I am using the English Garden fabric and pattern and it looks like there should either be 16 of those blocks or another block between diamond block 5 and 6. Could you please straighten me out please. Thanks for all your effort and help. Love this quilt!!

Denise Schmid

Replying to

Thank you so much for your question - If you are referring to Diamond 5 and Diamond 9, they do use the same fabrics, but slightly different placement.

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