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Tahoe Quilt Along - General Instructions

Take me away Tahoe!

Are you excited to quilt with me during our Tahoe Quilt Along? I know I am!

We are SEW thankful for the incredible interest we have had to this quilt along.

If your kit and supplies are still on there way to you, or you are just ordering them from our website, do not worry, this is the perfect opportunity to dive into your scraps and make a practice Diamond! Just save the blog for each day and

get started when you can.

Beginning tomorrow, October 30th, we will be making Tahoe diamonds, together!

Each day for the next 24 days, join us right here on our Blog and

YouTube Channel to make this stunning design a reality.

This first blog and video is your guide for general instructions.

You do not have to make any of the step by steps below. This is just to show you basic information that we will be referring to when making our diamonds. Don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

to stay on track during our Tahoe Quilt Along - Free for all to join!

I chose the Tahoe Kit in Primrose Collection for this fun quilt along!

Star Diamonds:

There are 24 star Diamonds.

EACH diamond has 3 to 9 fabric prints, some with different width strips for strip sets.

For color options, follow fabric selection on each diamond page in your pattern.

Fabric Strips will be cut to the width shown by the letter designation:

None - 1½" x 21"

B - 2½" x 21"

C - 3½" x 21"

D - 4½" x 21 ¾"

General Strip Set Instructions

You will be making strip sets as shown.

Follow steps below to assemble and cut each of the strip sets,

when needed each day.

Select strips for sets as outlined on pattern page for each specific diamond.

Some diamonds have different number of strips and different width strips

which will require the next strip above to have a different stagger (see examples below).

Stagger strips 1" for 1½" wide strips.

Stagger strips 2" for 2½" wide strips.

Stagger strips 3" for 3½" wide strips.

Stagger strips 4" for 4½" wide strips.

Sew strips together and press seams open.

Align the 45˚ line on the ruler with the strip set edge and cut a 45˚ angle on the left side of the strip set.

Align the 1½" line with this cut edge and the 45˚ line on the ruler on one of the seams to cut the strips.

Cut 8 strips from each strip set.

This will be your basic instructions to start each block with.

Depending on the diamond, fabric and strip sizes will vary.

Each day, we will be following recipes for each diamond in your pattern.

Grab your best friend and lets get sewing!

Little by little, watch your quilt grow!

Happy Quilting,


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