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  • Edyta

The Quilt Show – Montana

Late in August, Michael and I flew to Montana.  Along with my husband, I brought many of my favorite quilts.  I was meeting Alex and Ricky Tim from the quilt show in one of the local quilt store.

Downtown Bozeman, Montana is beautiful.  People walking, shopping, enjoying lunch and taking in the quaint downtown.

Like a magnet, I was drawn to the quilting “hotspot” of Bozeman – Main Street Quilt Store!

Once inside, it was hard to concentrate.  There were so many fun things to enjoy.  Fabrics, books, patterns – truly a quilters’ heaven!

Shelly, the producer of the quilt show, only has to jump on one foot to turn the quilt shop into a studio!

John (Alex’s husband) and Michael (my husband) exchanged a few tips on how to manage living with a quilter!

And the fun begins!

As we visit and catch up on what happened since the last show we share many laughs!

Maybe for the first time, you get to see me… quiet!  It was so nice to be with Ricky and Alex.

First, I got to share some of my 8-point star technique with Ricky.

Alex totally impressed me.  She didn’t waste any time, she was stitching as she was waiting for her turn to film.

Then, I got a turn with Alex to do fusible applique.

There were many wonderful people working behind the scenes.  Without them the show would not have been possible.  I was able to capture just a few smiling faces.

I made some new friends.