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Twelve Kits of Christmas | Day 6

It's Christmas Time! 💙

Welcome back everyone to our

After a big snowfall when everything

is blanketed in white, landscapes

look new and unrecognizable.

Overnight, a new frontier forms

outside our window.

Go outside and explore.

Experimenting with the unknown

helps you grow.

Our paths on this quilting journey are different from one another,

but the common thread is the warmth of quilts. Make beautiful things so that your home

and family are surrounded by the love you stitch into every patch.

Explore your new Frontier

See you tomorrow for more of our

Twelve Kits of Christmas!

Happy Quilting

Through the Holidays!


Connect with us by sharing your holiday quilts. We love seeing your beautiful creations!

Just tag us on social media and use hashtags #twelveskitsofchristmas #laundrybasketquilts

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