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Twelve Kits of Christmas | Day 8

It's Christmas Time! 🌲

Welcome back everyone to our

Twelve Kits of Christmas!

Escape and explore the wide world beyond

your window. And if you can't,

do it with your quilts!

Quilting is not just my entertainment,

but an escape when I need a break.

I immerse myself in fabric and travel.

On a short hike in the mountain around Lake Tahoe, I was awed by the amazing landscapes

that surrounded the lake. That inspiration later on came through in this beautiful design that

became a gift for a special couple. It was this trip that he asked for her hand,

and I knew I would be making a wedding quilt.

I'm so please to be able to share this Tahoe pattern and fabric kit with you.

See you tomorrow for more of our

Twelve Kits of Christmas!

Happy Quilting

Through the Holidays!


Connect with us by sharing your holiday quilts. We love seeing your beautiful creations!

Just tag us on social media and use hashtags #twelveskitsofchristmas #laundrybasketquilts

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