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Variegated Threads

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Summer is here and full of vibrant colors!

With all of the amazing hues, it is sometimes so hard to pick your favorite.

Lately, my Make Space Cutting Table has been full of the most amazing shades from our Linen Texture collection.

From those yummy fat quarter bundles, I begin to cut some strips to make some fun spools.

Our Variegated Thread pattern includes the directions for this spool block that we are going to make.

Group the strips into sets of eight.

I position the strips, right sides together, and start sewing them into sets of two with my machine set

to a smaller stitch. I use my favorite thread, 2370 from Aurifil.

I place the strips on my ironing board, ready to be ironed. Notice that I keep all my salvaged edges on the right side. This keeps me organized and allows me to get the most out of my strip sets.

I press them open, using a little bit of the steam and a hot iron.

Many times, I take a picture of my strip sets, which helps keep me track of the strips position.

Next, I sew them into sets of four. Notice I have been keeping the cut edges aligned and do not worry about the salvaged edges aligning. I will trim those off later.

Now sew them into sets of eight, press again, and we are ready for our next step!

We will be cutting rectangles out, which will be the body of our spools. When I cut, I make sure that I trim the width first, then I cut the top and bottom if it is needed.

I am so happy with all the Variegated Threads that I am going to have. I just need to complete

a few more steps. Shall we move on to the tops and bottoms of the spools?

Position a small light background square on the top of your dark rectangle and sew through the middle of the square. All of your measurements for these pieces can be found in your Variegated Thread pattern.

I then trim a 1/4″ away from the sewing line.