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Weekend Project - Dancing Umbrella

Looking for a rainy day arts and crafts project?

Cozy on up to our "Dancing Umbrella" quilt pattern and splash around in some delicious fabrics!

Grab some fabric from the Dancing Umbrella fabric kit -or- your favorite layer cake, Heat n Bond fusible webbing, a pencil, and some fabric scissors. You're be ready to make it rain some umbrellas!

Start by tracing your umbrella parts onto the Heat n Bond fusible webbing.

Make sure the umbrella handle and top section are both facing the correct way. If you don't, your umbrella handles may face different directions. You could also use this as a way to customize your quilt!

Edyta's Tip: Use our Dancing Umbrella Stencil for to achieve uniform umbrellas throughout the quilt. Or try out our GO! appliqué die

for Dancing Umbrella and receive

a FREE table runner pattern!

Next, fuse your design to the fabric and then cut out following your traced outline.

Once you've cut your all of the umbrella pieces, fuse them on top of the block's background.

Make as many as you would like for a table runner or quilt.

I'm pretty sure you're dancing in scraps right now instead of in the rain, but that's the way we like it!

Happy Quilting!


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