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Winter Village Mini – Finishing Touches

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

We finally made it all the way through our adorable Mini Winter Village! I wanted to take a moment to thank you all again. This really has been a special time – our Wednesday and Friday rendezvous will be sorely missed, but have no fear! We have many more quilting events planned — stay tuned!

Now that we’ve completed our BIG, BEAUTIFUL Winter Village quilt, it’s time to get creative with our mini version…

Use this as a chance to have fun, test out new ideas 💡, and just get creative!

I sprinkled these precious little Pinehurst trees into my mini winter village for a more scenic feel.

Watch our “Pinehurst” YouTube video for details on making little trees.

To even further personalize mine, I added a sawtooth star border to the top and bottom of my mini quilt using one of our Blue Sky Quilter’s Dozen pre-cut kits.

Then I finished up with some Hobbs batting and binding from our Blue Sky collection. Edyta’s Tip: I used a combination of 8505-W, 8506-W, and 8514-W for my scrappy binding.

Please don’t forget to share your finished villages– I’d love to visit them all! Tag us on social media and use the hashtag #wintervillagequiltalong

Happy Quilting! Edyta

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1 comentário

14 de set. de 2022

loved making the winter village quilt your quilts make me so happy!!!!

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