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Winter Village Quilt Along – Block 5

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Welcome back to our Quilt Along!

For anyone who hasn’t started or are just finding this, you are welcome to join! You can jump right back to the beginning of this Quilt Along by CLICKING HERE.

This week, we are working on Block 5.

To begin, gather all of your supplies: Winter Village pattern, fabric (we have kits!), rotary, ruler, fabric pencil, pins, scissors, and Aurifil thread 2310 and lets quilt together!


Start by cutting House 12. Follow the directions on page 18 of the Winter Village Pattern and lay out all your pieces for the twelve house.

Sew the top, middle, and bottom blue rectangles to the light window rectangles. Pin and sew on the long, blue rectangles to each side of the window strip. Pin and sew two, small blue rectangles to the top and bottom of the light, square window, then sew on light door rectangle. Sew all three units together and press.

Using your fabric pencil and ruler to make the roof unit, draw a diagonal line on both of the light,

sky squares. Sew on the line, then trim 1/4″ away from the line. Next, press your unit to create roof.

Click here to watch our YouTube Channel for more hints and tips.

To make the chimney, sew a light rectangle to each side of the blue square and press.

Complete your house by sewing the chimney, roof, and wall units together row by row then press.

Pin and sew on side sashing. Press to finish House 12.


Now cut your pieces for House 13. Follow the directions on page 19 of the Winter Village Pattern and lay out all your pieces for the thirteenth house.

Starting with your wall units,