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Quilt Size is 48½" x 59½"
Bonus Runner Size is 15½ x 40½"

This beautiful quilt looks wonderful in any color combinations and pattern includes a BONUS table runner.

Fabric Requirements

Houses (A) and Roofs (B) - Fat 1/4 of each red: 9181-R, 9175-R, 9179-R, 9177-R, 9174-R, 9184-R

Windows (C) 1/4 yard of light 8515-RL

Background and Blocks (D) - 5/8 yard of each light: 9175-GL, 9179-RL

Tree Greens (E) and Trunks (F) - Fat 1/4 of each green: 9179-GV, 9174-G, 9174-GV, 9176-G, 9177-G, 9178-G, 9181-G, 9181-G1, 9183-G, 9183-GV, 9184-G, 9175-G, 9181-G2, 9181-GV, 9175-GV

Trees Lights (G) - Fat 1/8 of each light green: 9174-G, 9174-GL, 9176-GL, 9179-GL, 9182-GL, 9184-GL

Border Block Centers (H) - Fat 1/8 of each fabric: 9176-G, 9181-G, 9186-GV

Border Block Points (I) - Fat 1/8 of each: 9174-R, 9175-R, 9175-RE

Border Block Backgrounds (J) - Fat 1/4 of each: 9175-RL, 9184-RL, 9185-RL

Corner Stones - 1/4 yard: 9175-GL

Sashing - 1 yard: 9183-RL

Outer Border - 1-1/4 yards: 9174-GN

Binding - 1/2 yard: 9181-GV

Bonus Runner Background - 7/8 yard: 9175-GL

Bonus Runner Binding - 1/3 yard: 9181-GV
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