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Pieced Quilt Pattern using our "Green Thumb" fabric collection.

Perfect for any level quilter!
Quilt size is 70½" x 70½"

Fabric Requirements:

1/8 yard green print fabric A-521-G
1/8 yard light fabric A-9925-L
1/4 yard chartreuse fabric A-611-LV
1/4 yard light fabric A-344-L
1/4 yard chartreuse fabric A-610-V
3/8 yard light fabric A-9462-Y
3/8 yard green fabric A-609-V
3/8 yard light fabric A-194-L
3/8 yard green fabric A-278-G
3/8 yard light fabric A-291-N
3/8 yard chartreuse fabric A-600-V
1/2 yard light fabric A-341-L
1/2 yard green fabric A-597-G
1/2 yard light fabric A-190-L
1/2 yard green fabric A-606-G
1/2 yard green fabric A-602-G
5/8 yard dark green fabric A-601-V
3/4 yard green fabric A-596-G
5/8 yard light fabric A-342-L
5/8 yard light fabric A-346-Y
1/4 yard green fabric A-599-G
3/8 yard light fabric A-192-L
Border: 1½ yards green print fabric A-521-G
Binding: 2/3 yard dark green fabric A-601-V
Backing: 4¼ yards light fabric A-604-LV
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