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Snow Day

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Traditional Quilt Pattern using "Bakers Dozen" fabric collection
Quilt Size is 64" x 78"

Fabric Requirements:

Nine Patches:
Assorted Dark prints: 1-1/8 yard total
(1/8 yard each of AB-8502-B2,AB-8503-T2,AB-8598-T1,AB-8501-B2,AB-8682-B1, AB-8501-T1,AB-8598-T2,AB-8501-W,AB-8597-B1)
Light print: 1 yard total
( 1/8 yard each of (AB-8796-L2,AB-8795-L,AB-8595-L,AB-8595-N,AB-8796-L,AB-8796-L1,AB-8797-L,AB-8798-L )
Background: 1¾ yards (AB-8796-L2)
Border strips: 2¼ yards (AB-8595-L)
Binding: 5/8 yard (AB-8501-T1)
Backing: 4 yards (AB-8796-L2)
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