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The last few days have been blessed with simple pleasures bringing JOY to my day. I have finished this “Poinsettia Patch” quilt and am ready for some more holiday fun.

As I wander around trying to get some last minute shopping done, I felt a JOY to be almost done!

In a hectic pursuit to fill the wish lists, I stopped for a moment and picked up something for me. A quilters JOY for my tree.

Henry has brought so much JOY by helping to wrap gifts this season.

My daughter, Anna, hosted a Christmas party for her friends and it was a JOY to help her prepare for her guests.

Those cupcakes have brought a great amount of JOY to the girls (and myself)!

I love the JOYous time before Christmas in the kitchen, when I get to prepare wonderful recipes that my mother and mother-in-law have passed on to me.

Another tradition is to bake a lot of cookies, everyone has they favorite shapes and it brings such JOY to see my husband Mike choose the heart, me as the snowman, dolphin for Delfina, star for Anna and little Michael loves trees.

My JOY, Michael, wanted a lot of his Christmas Tree cookies this year; we baked so many!

There are also lots of JOYful hugs and Eskimo kisses.

Not to mention the chocolate Kisses that = JOY

Waiting for my flower to bloom – JOY

And just in time for Christmas, my new Winter Batik Collection “JOY” has arrived! These fabric will be available in shops this summer, with beautiful reds, greens and lights – perfect for getting you in the Holiday Spirit next year.

 I will have many wonderful projects to inspire you like this JOY quilt.

 Happy Holidays from all of us and we wish you a lot of JOY this season!

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