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Alaska Rainbow Quilt Along – Week 5

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Welcome back for the fifth week of our Alaska Rainbow Quilt Along.

We’re getting closer and closer to that great, big pot of gold at the end of our rainbow –

a unique quilt made just by you, but also together in this beautiful, creative, collective

that we have formed with our Quilt Along.

If any of you out there concerned that you’re falling behind – don’t be! Simply check out last week’s blog (or the week’s before that) and catch up whenever you find the time.

We all know how life gets, and we’ll be here to help whenever needed!

It’s time to get started on this weeks blocks!

This week we will complete Blocks 6 and 12.

Grab your supplies – Alaska Rainbow Pattern, Alaska Templates, rotary, ruler, fabric pencil, and Aurifil thread 2310 – and lets quilting!

Block 6 – We will make a total of 4 Block 6’s. Begin by arranging your cut pieces to form the block.

Assemble one Diamond A and two Half-Diamond Bs. Mark both Half-Diamonds. Pin and sew the first Half-Diamond B to Diamond A. Press seams open before sewing on the other Half-Diamond. Repeat steps to complete the remaining 3 Diamond wedges.

Edyta’s Tip: Use your Wedge C template to precisely trim and square up the unit.

For the corners of the block, start by repeating the above steps to assemble the bottom wedge unit then mark, pin, and sew on Triangle D. Repeat 3 more times to make all four corners units. Arrange units to form the block.

Pin, and sew your block into quarters as shown above, press seams open.

For more details please visit our YouTube channel

Trim using your ruler and rotary to square off each unit for a perfect 90o right angle.

Finally pin and sew units into 2 halves, then sew halves together to complete block and press. Repeat 3 times to make a total of four Block 5’s.

Block 12 – We will be making a total of four Block 12’s. Arrange all your fabric as shown above.

Start by marking Triangle D for Wedge C. Pin marked points before sewing and pressing seams open. Repeat until you have four corners units and set aside.

Now assemble one Diamond A and two Half-Diamond Bs. Mark both Half-Diamonds.