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At the Farm

Over the 4th of July weekend I got a chance to stop by the local farm. 

It is such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit.

The farm is famous for its fruits, vegetables and gorgeous flowers.

The colors at the farm reminded me of the colors from my new collection “Crystal Farm” that will be available in stores in October. Rich and vibrant, perfect for any project. Make sure you visit your local quilt stores and ask them to order it for you. We already have a great selection of patterns that you can choose from on our website. Click here to see them!

Some of these patterns could become your new favorite projects and you will find yourself wanting to make more than one.

Made in USA is a perfect example of a favorite. It is simple and easy to mix and match any of your scraps in blues and reds. I grabbed some left overs from “Blue Sky” and incorporated them into this quilt. I can’t wait to show you more about this project in my next blog.

click here to see the “Crystal Farm” catalog.

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