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Birthday Quilt 2024 - Block 15

Updated: May 6

Spring is here and we are having SEW much fun making blocks every week.

Welcome back to our Quilt Along in celebration of my birthday this year.

We are posting here on our blog every week with 1 new 6" finished quilt block design!

I am sew thankful to all of you that want to join me on this Birthday Quilt Along.

If you haven't gotten your supplies yet, don't worry, you have plenty of time to jump in!

You can start making this quilt with the recommended bundles below or using scraps from your stash.

A Fat Quarter Bundle and Fat Eighth Bundle are great starting points.

This would be a perfect time to pull fabrics from your stash and mix and match with our bundles to make this quilt your very own.

Another great option, is your beautiful fabrics from our Laundry Basket Quilts Fabric Club stash!

I will be making my blocks using a Cocoa Blue Fat Quarter Bundle and the Birthday Bundle 2024 to create this Birthday quilt! There may be some sprinkles of a few favorites from my blue collections.

This project is available for anyone to join in! It will be 55 blocks in 52 weeks. Every Tuesday we will be making a new block(s), so don't forget to Sign Up for our Newsletters and visit our blog each week to quilt along!

At the end of the year I will be providing a variety of layouts for your beautiful 6" blocks.

Let's get started with our next block!

Birthday Quilt Fabric Requirements

Blocks: Cocoa Blue Fat Quarter Bundle

Background: 2½ yards Border: 2 yards

Binding: 1 yard

(our Birthday Bundle is perfect for this!)

I'm sew excited to begin -

let's jump right in!

Note from Edyta: All pictures below show finished size images.

Please make sure you have 1/4" around all your units and blocks. Do not trim your points.

Birthday Block 15

Block Cutting

6-dark squares 1½"

6-light squares 1½"

4-dark HSTs cut from 2 squares 2⅞"

4-light HSTs cut from 2 squares 2⅞"

2-medium HSTs cut from 1 square 2⅞"

2-light HSTs cut from 1 square 2⅞"

Use 2 light 1½" squares and 2 dark 1½" squares to make a four patch.

Sew into rows then sew rows together. Press. Make 3 Four Patches.

Four Patch size: 2½" x 2½" unfinished

To make HST Unit 1, combine 1 light 2⅞" HST and 1 dark 2⅞". Sew and press. Make 4.

Unit 1 size: 2½" x 2½" unfinished

Note from Edyta: For this project, I'm going to try something different

and press all my seams open if i can.

To make Unit 2, combine 1 light 2⅞" HST and 1 medium 2⅞". Sew and press. Make 2.

Unit 2 size: 2½" x 2½" unfinished

Use the image above to arrange all of your units.

Sew units into rows then sew rows together and press.

Finished Block Size: 6" x 6"

Press your block and enjoy!

Unfinished Block Size: 6½" x 6½"

Make 1

Join us here every Tuesday for our next Birthday Block!

Download this week's Blog here.

Happy Quilting, Edyta

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