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Fall Memories

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Hello Fall, come on in!

One of my favorite seasons, filled with the most beautiful colors, is Fall. I have tried to capture some of its beauty in my raw edge applique quilts like Milk Jug and Fall Memories.

Both of these quilts are filled with beautiful leaves, branches and wonderful fall colors.

You don’t need a lot to make and enjoy this wonderful wall hanging quilt. I recommend starting small, playing with fabrics, and being creative. What I really love about this project is that is perfect for anyone!

Don’t have enough time to cut your own leaves? No worries! We have them available as Laser Cut Silhouettes.

Start by tracing your design from the pattern to your fusible webbing. I’m using Lightweight Heat-n-Bond in the image above.

Iron your rough cut fusible to the wrong side of the fabric as shown above.

Cut on the lines. No need to be exact, as any mistakes will become part of nature’s creation.

Wow, this is so much fun! Let’s dive into our leaf pile!

Peel the paper from the back of your leaves.

Position and then iron your pieces onto your background fabric.

Next, we are going to layer with backing and batting.

Then using Aurifil thread, we are going to stitch our pieces down. Make sure to stay 1/8″ away from the edges. Our quilting stitch is our applique stitch that will hold all the pieces in place.

The applique edges will lift with time which is why they are called raw edge applique. The exposed applique edges and will gently fray, but this is the look I am going for as it gives a more whimsical feel to the quilt.

Lastly, we just need to finish quilting the background outside the appliqué, add a binding, and your project is finished!

Now you are ready for Fall!

You not only will have nature’s colors on the outside of your home, but you will now have

nature’s gorgeous colors inside your home from your new table runner!

Don’t forget to enjoy the last blooms of the season. Maybe they will be your inspiration for your next raw edge appliqué quilt!

Happy Quilting! Edyta

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