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Home for the Holidays – Happy Easter!

I have just returned from a wonderful week in the Houston TX area where I was teaching and meeting many great quilters.

I even got a minute to stop on the side of the road and enjoy springtime in Texas.

I love the fields of  blue and white, I have never seen the white poppies before, they are beautiful.

My special treat from Michael was to have a morning at an antique show, it reminded me of an Easter egg hunt as I browsed through many different booths and found a little bit of everything from buttons to hidden treasures.

What fun! – You could say I found a whole wagon load of quilts with colors as bright and happy as Easter eggs. See the slide-show below for a few of the quilts that I saw at the show.

[portfolio_slideshow exclude=”612,613,614,615,616,617,618,619,620,621,622,623″  slideheight=320]

Click on the photo to advance or wait for the show to run.

I love going to flea markets and antique shows, a simple bouquet of flowers in an unusual pot becomes an inspiration.

In the end of my Easter hunt, I was one happy girl – while I didn’t have any chocolate eggs in my basket, I did find this fantastic quilt!

I love the colors and the size of the pieces that are 1/2″ finished, I just could not leave this one behind and had to bring it home with me…

At home, the true egg hunt was underway!

My girls tried something new this year for coloring our eggs, we wrapped them in pieces of old silk ties, then boiled them in a water/vinegar solution to cook.

It was amazing how the colors and patterns from the silk was transferred to the eggs!

Then we proceeded with the traditional egg coloring to create our rainbow eggs.

Easter Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day, with family and beautiful weather – you can’t ask for more. I hope your day was great as well!

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