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Hopping with Moda!

Hello Sunshine, hope you had a good sleep, we have a busy day ahead! Edyta.

One of your stops today on the Moda Blog Hop is my hometown, Marshall MI. It is a small historic town in south central Michigan with a population of just over 7000 and this is a perfect time of the year to visit.

For a small town it is a busy place with lots to do; we have a home tour, garden tour, two quilt shows, car cruise, parades, county fair, farmers market, and the list goes on and on!

 In the center of town there is a fountain and many of the events happen around it.

I love walking downtown, there are many fun little shops to visit and enjoy.

One of my favorite stops is Louie’s Bakery, their chocolate drops are irresistible!

Once I have my sugar fix, it’s a quick stroll over to Grannies Attic, I always seem to find something nice here even though Michael said that I can’t bring anything larger than me home from there anymore…

Mike and I will be married for 20 years soon and we love adventure (yes that’s us skiing on our wedding day), we have moved 7 times and really enjoyed living here for the past 10 years. It’s the unexpected events that really steal my heart and make me appreciate even more where we live.

This summer for a week our skies were filled with color from hot air balloons.

There is something magical about watching these giants so gracefully float through the air.

We witnesses them taking off.

And were even lucky enough to have a few of them land in our backyard next to my studio!

Teams from all over the world compete in this Hot Air Balloon Championship.

This was truly and amazing event to witness, the colors, the size, and even the opportunity to meet the team members made this a memorable summer experience.

As the balloon was drifting down the team offered us a once in a lifetime opportunity…

…to climb inside of the hot air balloon! Here is my daughter Delfina having a little stroll inside.

My daughter Anna kept her camera in hand for that whole week, snapping many of the hot air balloon pictures in this post.

Sometimes you really need a full day to catch all of the action around town, and if all goes well there will be a beautiful sunset to wrap it up.

Before you go, put your rain boots on and grab your umbrella as I hope to shower you with souvenirs.

Leave me a comment by midnight Sept 15 and share the bakery item you can’t resist -winners will be randomly drawn after the 15th and each winner will receive a prize from the basket below.

The laundry basket is full of many wonderful prizes from Moda and Laundry Basket Quilts. Thanks to Moda we have bundles from our newest collection of fabrics; Dancing in the Rain, Over the Rainbow, and Snow Day.  I also have included our newest publications, Scrappy Fireworks, 2013 Calendar, and 2013 Journal, patterns, and threads from Aurifil. We have also included some of the latest laser cut “Fabric Silhouettes” – notice what happened when I added a few of them to my “Candy Dish” table runner below.

 You can download the “Candy Dish” pattern here or click on the photo above.

Don’t forget to leave a comment – this could be your fall leaf from Marshall, MI!

Be sure to visit all of the designers in this hop and the other stops on todays hop are KANSAS TROUBLES and MALKA DUBRAWSKY .

Thank you for hopping by! Edyta.

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