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MSU – Scrappy Quilts and a Sneak Peek

My quilting garden has been in full bloom with all of the inspiration that I have been able to experience lately. Today I enjoyed another visit to the MSU Museum to see some Scrappy Quilts!

As much as the grey and gloomy weather was calling for a day in bed, I braved the elements and headed to Lansing, MI while King Henry kept the bed warm.

Beth welcomed us to the museum with this new addition to their collection, the tone of red in it reminded me a lipstick.

In the stamp quilt made from 9 patches, we noticed little kisses of pink.

That same pink was perfect as a star background in this scrappy beauty.

Notice what the pink offered in this quilt for centers and corners of each block.

We took a drunkards path…

…and enjoyed a trip around the world.

It was hard not to peek at what was around the corner in the next quilt.

In the end our eyes were sparkling with stars – small ones,

and larger ones.

As soon as I arrived home inspired, I pulled out my basket of 9 patches and started counting, I’m only a few hundred away from another scrappy adventure!

I picked up some books and postcards at the museum thinking of all my quilter friends that maybe would like to see more Michigan quilts. Leave me a comment by Feb 2nd to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of these fun prizes.

And speaking of books, I think it is time for a little peek of something that I have been working on this winter.

A new book called “Seasonal Silhouettes” that will be available in May 2013.

I’m hoping to fill your quilting garden with beautiful seasonal images that are colorful and fun to make.

Happy Quilting!

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