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Perfect Union

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

I am hoping you are sailing away to a beautiful weekend. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays; full of family, friends, and a little quilting. I’ve been preparing for the long weekend

by pulling out all my patriotic quilts and planning some new ones. 🙂

Thanks to my dear friend Debby, I am excited to share something special with you.

I am going to use some of my scraps from Little Sweetheart, Something Blue, and the Blue Sky Collections. Those three together form a Perfect Union. We also have a fabric kit available, or you can use any of your scraps for this quilt. To start, we will be making little Ohio stars. I would like to share with you two different ways to make the block.

Instructions for cutting the whole quilt can be found in the “Perfect Union” pattern. For one block, you cut: 8 blue QSTs (quarter square triangles) 8 light QSTs 1 blue square 4 light squares

Start by sewing light and blue QSTs, I am using a Microtex needle, Aurifil thread, and a shy quarter inch seam allowance (this will give me room to square and trim).

Push the seam allowance toward blue.

Match and nest the seam allowances together.

Sew and open the center back.

Trim your little QST unit – this is so important!

My quilting became so much better once I started trimming and squaring as I was sewing. Also, starching my fabric before I cut is advice give to any beginning quilters.

We have 4 QST units ready for our little Ohio star.

Arrange your pieces and sew them into three rows.

Sew the rows together and press, then trim.

From red and light fabrics, cut strips. (The exact measurements are available in the pattern)

Section them to rectangles and arrange them next to the star in alternating colors.

Begin sewing the red strip to the right side and bottom of the star.

Next, add the light strips…

…and finish with the red!

We just completed our first block!

Seeing a finished block makes me so excited for the rest of the quilt. There are so many different ways to create an Ohio star, so I am going to show you another technique that I love to use! Sometimes when I am making a lot of the same block, I change techniques to

make the process more exciting and fun.

This time we cut: 2 blue squares 2 light squares 4 light small squares 1 small blue square

(Sorry, I forgot to add the small blue square into the photography, I was sidetracked daydreaming about fireworks!)

Place the light square on the top of the blue square.

Draw a line across the square (from point to point).

Sew along either side of the line using a shy quarter inch seam allowance.

Cut on the line to create 4 half square triangles.

Press the seam allowance toward the blue.

Place half square triangles, right sides together, matching the light to blue.

Next, draw a line (from point to point) then pin and sew, staying a quarter inch from each side.

Cut on the line.

You now have 4 quarter square triangle units! Let’s press and trim.

Time to lay out the block.

Once again, sew into rows and press.

Then add your strips.

Notice, this time we alternated colors starting with light!

Keep making your blocks, and rolling along. You will need 24 of each, and before you know it…

…you will have the “Perfect Union”, just in time for the holidays!

Thank you, Debby, you brought the fireworks of red and blue scraps to my sewing room! It’s even burst into my Alaska Quilt.

I hope you enjoyed this little project and use both techniques for your next creation!

Remember, there is never just one way to get to where you are going.

Happy Fourth of July! Edyta

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