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Sew Caring – Update

So many of you have been making blocks to include with our fundraiser Sew Caring for the victim relief of Hurricane Harvey. 

Thank you so, so much! Words cannot describe the feeling of how wonderful it is to see everyone come together to help.

We have been so thankful for all the mail with beautiful blocks and quilts that have come in. We can’t wait to finish them up and deliver them with the money raised from the sales of our Made in USA pattern.

“The Healing Hearts” quilt and its rendered in Blue Sky collection. 100% of the proceeds will go to victim relief of Hurricane Harvey through JJ Watt’s Houston based foundation.

I am so proud of Andover. This is the company that I work with. Their generosity will  have a positive impact on so many people.

It’s amazing to see the quilting community come together to help. Sew Caring!

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