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  • Edyta

Time Travel

There are some places like Chicago that I like to visit even in the winter, there are many fun things to do there.

The weekend escape sometimes bring out the little kid in me.

When evening arrives, quite often my last stop for the day is the Art Museum. Not only to warm my body, but also to warm my soul with beautiful images.

As you get lost in the long hallways of the museum, it almost begins to feel like time travel.

You never know where you might end up!

The images, small or large, take you into a different world and time.

One minute you are on the beach almost able to feel the gentle breeze on your cheeks,

and next you are quickly reminded of the cold weather outside.

Your senses are awoken with images that you can almost taste.

And with another glance you are inspired with an abundance of colors.

The peace and quiet of the museum allows you to travel in time to pleasant memories of warm, sunny, afternoons in the park.

Don’t get distracted and focus on the little things,

stand back and allow yourself to enjoy the full picture.

Almost like a mirror image as we stand in front of it, some of the paintings are a reflection of what we really like and how we see ourselves; sitting, stitching, and daydreaming of new projects!

The impact of these images is so strong that sometimes I just need to sit for a bit and take it all in.

Another hallway, another exhibition, another art form.