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A Season in Blue Quilt Along – Center Row Assembly

Updated: Oct 16

I am SEW proud of you!

You turned fabric into beautiful blocks and now it's time to start putting them together.

The hardest work is done!

And if you haven't fully caught up - no worries!

This is the perfect month to catch up on any past blocks.

We are going to start with putting together our Center Row and adding our appliqué!

For the Center Row, you will need:

4 "Pinehurst" Tree Blocks from Month 5 - Unfinished Block size is 5½" x 11½"

"Winter Village" House 20 from Month 1 - Unfinished Block size is 8½" x 11½"

*If your house is shorter, please add 1½" strip to the top of your house block

"Supernova" Block from Month 9 - Unfinished Block size is 15½" x 15½" 2 - 5" x 16½" light background sashing strips

1 - 3½" x 11½" light background sashing strip

2 - 5" x 17" light background sashing strips

1 - 1½" x 11½" light background sashing strip

2 - 1½" x 16½" light background sashing strips

1 - 2" x 15½" light background sashing strip

1 package "Perfect Union" Silhouettes (LBQ-0879-S)

Edyta's Tip: Use leftover scraps to cut the pieces above or visit our website for

1 yard of your favorite Seabreeze fabric to add some beautiful, soft background.

Arrange your blocks and sashing strips.

Sew into sections as shown. Push seam allowance in one direction towards the sashing.

Then sew sections together and press.

You can leave the row as is, or add a touch of adorable appliqué!

Appliqué Time!

Appliqué shapes are from the "Blooming Star" quilt on page 50.

To apply, use your favorite appliqué method and watch our video for amazing tips and tricks!

For quick results, I decided to use our pre-cut, pre-fused Perfect Union Silhouettes-

the silhouette shapes matching perfectly with the Blooming Star shapes!

I would love to share with you 2 layout inspirations-

choose your favorite or make your own layout!

This is the perfect time for you to get creative...

...and lay branches and berries to fill the background with beautiful appliqués!

Isn't it stunning in red too? Our Sweet 16 Silhouettes work perfect for this color option!

I can't wait to see what you've created ❤


Next month, we will focus on sewing all the rows

together and adding a border!

Happy Quilting! Edyta

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