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A Season in Blue Quilt Along – Quilt Top Assembly

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

As we've gone through the seasons this year, it was a pleasure to select quilts from

A Season in Blue book for this Quilt Along Sampler.

There were SEW many fun quilt blocks that we made and lots of lessons learned!

I am SEW proud of all of you!

You were so kind to quilt along with me,

I am so thankful for that.

January 2023 – We built our first cozy houses to stay warm in for the rest of winter.

February 2023 – We warmed up with our Nine Patch Block row.

March 2023 – We tried something new with our Blooming Star technique.

April 2023 – I should have been sprucing up the house but instead I was escaping to my "Norway" block!

May 2023 – Springtime showers helped us plant our Pine blocks.

June 2023 – Those hot summer days had me dreaming of winter and our "Alaska" quilt block.

July 2023 – We splashed around in "Something Blue" as one tends to do in the summer!

August 2023 – While enjoying time outside, I couldn’t help but be inspired all over again by the "Sky and Sea".

September 2023 – As these months have carried on, I've gotten to see you all shine like a "Supernova"!

October 2023- You applied some beautiful branches and berries to create some appliqué.

Now, let's put our quilt together!

I start by pressing all my blocks and double check the sizes. Then I sew my blocks in rows as shown.

We will start with our Month 4 blocks from "Norway" to make Row 1. Row 1 size: 10½" x 56½"

For Row 2, we will use our "Sky and Sea" blocks from Month 8.

Row 2 size: 8½" x 56½"

For Row 3, we will use our 25 "First Dance" Nine Patches from Month 2

and an additional 25 - 2¾" light squares.

Row 3 size: 5" x 56½"

For Row 4, you will need your 5 "Blooming Star" blocks and four 2" x 10½" sashing strips.

Row 4 size: 10½" x 56½"

For Row 5, use your completed Center Row from last month. Row 5 size: 17" x 56½"

For Row 6, you will be using your Month 7 blocks from "Something Blue" with sashing rows on each side.

If you haven't already sewn them together, now's your chance! Row 6 size: 16½" x 56½"

For Row 7, you will need: "Alaska" blocks from Month 6

"Winter Village" House 1 from Month 1

2 - 3" x 9½" light background sashing strips (use scraps)

Sew row together as shown and press.

Row 7 size: 9½" x 56½"

Look at us go!

Quilt Top Assembly

Now it's time to combine your rows to make the Quilt Top!

Arrange rows in order as shown above and sew together.

Push seam allowance in one direction.


Time to add borders – cutting dimensions are as follows:

1 Yard Border Fabric: A-356-BN

  1. Left and right border 5″ x 74½″

Cut 4 strips 5" x WOF. Sew together end-to-end,

then sub-cut 2 Borders 5" x 74½"

Sew borders to each side of the quilt and VOILA!

Quilt Top Size: 65½ x 74½

You have completed your Season in Blue Sampler Quilt Top!

I am SEW SEW proud of each and every one of you!

I can't wait to see how you played with your appliqué!

And look how scrumptious it looks in our Strawberries and Cream collection!

1 Yard Border Fabric: A-356-E

Happy Quilting Edyta

Share your progress with us - we love seeing your work!!

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Nov 02, 2023

Thank you Edyta. I love sampler quilts and this one is beyond beautiful.

Replying to

I am SEW glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂

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