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Happy New Year!

As 2021 comes to a close,

we find time to reflect on the past year

and celebrate all we have accomplished.

Our 2021 year started

wonderfully with a cover story for

American Patchwork & Quilting

by Better Homes & Gardens!

With a studio tour, the article touched on how Laundry Basket Quilts works behind the scenes and contained stories like

"how I fell in love with quilting"!

If you missed buying one in stores,

As the year progressed with social distancing still in place, we connected to you though our Quilting Window LIVE shows on YouTube.

We love how it enabled us to feel a bit of the closeness we've been missing!

Another LBQ milestone was our collaboration with

Creative Grids® to make our incredible Alaska Ruler!

This ruler is a must-have for any quilter.

Our new Sew Daisy notions are blossoming into your sewing room,

start 2022 with ease of mind - we'll get you organized!

We also SEW excited that we got to share our

new book, A Season in Blue, with all of you.

This book is full of stunning quilts

just waiting to be sewn by you!

Reveling in classic blue and white,

each page of this book shares an inspiring

gallery of quilts photographed in a cabin

nestled on a snow-capped mountain.

Reflect on the beauty of blue-and-white

quilts as you dream about your next

quilting project for 2022.

Another amazing feat for us this year has been the launch of 7 new fabric collections!

We also relaunched two of our classic fabric collections:

It has been amazing to be able

to share quilting with the wonderful Laundry Basket Quilts Family!

May your year be filled with magic,

creativity, family, fun, love,


Happy Quilting and

Happiest of New Years!

Edyta and the LBQ Team

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