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Mystery Quilt 2024 - Week 3

Come on this adventure with me through fields of fabric and let's learn and play together. I am sew thankful to have you with me on this journey!

Let's unveil this mystery together!

Let's take a rest in a Cozy Cabin.

Below is all the information you need to prepare and cut your fabric for this week.

I will be using the Canyon Red and Log Cabin Brown Rolls

But do not worry if you are not using these bundles,

I would love to still inspire you every week.

For Week 3, you will need:

(These notions are just my recommendations)


Sew Daisy Fabric Markers (Use fabric markers to stay organized)

• Templates - Pinehurst

• Creative Gird Ruler: 4½" x 12½"

• Aurifil Thread – 2370 recommended

Edyta’s Tip: Always have a stash of fresh blades for your rotary and remember to change yours often. for the cleanest cuts.

Check out our Mystery Quilt 2024 Sewing Basket on the website for all your quilting needs!

Cabins are perfect for quilting and a little scrappy escape!

The Cozy Cabins

14½" x 58½" unfinished

Cutting Directions:

Cut in a variety of cabin colors:

   6 - 6½" x 3½" rectangles for roof

  2 - 2½" x 6½" rectangles

   12 - 6½" x 1½" rectangles

   8 - 6½" x 2" rectangles

   2 - 4½" x 6½" rectangles

Cut background sashing fabric: (A-612-LN)

  12 squares 3½" for roof background

  2 A - 10½" x 3" rectangles

  4 B - 3" x 12" rectangles

  4 C -  6½" x 3" rectangles

  1 D - 3" x 4½" rectangle

  1 - 3" x 58½" pieced rectangle (A-606-N) for rocky road sashing

Block Assembly - Cozy Cabin 1

Arrange three 6½" x 1½" and two 6½" x 2" rectangles for one cabin unit.

Sew together. Repeat to make 4 total.

Cabin Unit size: 6½" x 6½"

Combine one 6½" x 3½" roof rectangle and two 3½" background square.

To assemble the roof, start by placing one background square right sides together with roof rectangle.  Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner, sew on it, then trim it quarter inch away.

Repeat by placing the second background square over the roof unit.  Draw a diagonal line, sew on it, then trim it quarter inch away.

Press. Make 6 roof units total.

Unit size: 6½" x 3½"

Arrange one roof unit and one cabin unit as shown above.

Sew together and press. Repeat to make 4.

Cozy Cabin size: 6½" x 9½" unfinished.

Block Assembly - Cozy Cabin 2

Combine a 4½" x 6½" rectangle and a 2½" x 6½" rectangle.

Add roof unit to your cozy cabin unit.

Sew together and press. Repeat to make 2.

Cozy Cabin size: 6½" x 9½" unfinished.

Now it's time for you to use your 3 medium pine trees from last week and arrange with your cozy cabins.

Assemble your cozy cabins, medium pine trees, background sashing rectangles and rocky road sashing in the bottom of the row.

Sew into groups, pressing your seam allowances as needed.

Sew into row.

Sew row and rocky road together and press.

There's nothing better than getting cozy in a cabin in the woods. Let's take a little rest and enjoy this moment. There may be some hiking on the horizon!

Click here to download a PDF copy of Mystery Quilt 2024 - Week 3.

Happy Quilting!


Please remember to share your progress photos to Instagram and Facebook!

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Jun 06

Love it!


May 30

This has been a lot of fun so far. Thank you!! Looking forward to next week.


May 28

You are amazing 👏

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