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Thankful for You! Happy Holidays!

I know this year has been different than any other year,

we have made the best of it and I am so happy

we were able to enjoy each others company.

Let's take a look at few favorites from this year!

We started our year together with the

much fun building cute little houses.

Then we began our Mystery Quilt - Michigan - and that was SEW exciting and SEW much fun.

What a surprise!

We all checked in with each other every

month as we were creating our

It was a special treat to spend a few days with some of the ladies during our Retreat 2021!

Thank you to everyone who came. I loved meeting each and everyone one of you -

such special memories!

We also took on The Seamstress and I am so proud of you. So many of you have been working so hard to create this beautiful quilt.

We finished this year with our LIVE show

doing one last project - planting and

decorating our trees together!

Look at all the we accomplished.

I am so grateful for all of you and it has been my pleasure to quilt with you this year.

It was SEW special because of you.

I hope you know, that no matter where you are, we are connected through our threads!

I'm looking forward to the next year with you!

Happy Quilting!


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