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Mystery Quilt Important Update

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Dear Friends

You've still got time to shop and

The new start date for our

Mystery Quilt 2022 is March 14th.

I am SEW excited and looking forward to this upcoming quilting event, and I know that you all are too,

but unfortunately due to some unforseen setbacks, I have decided to give us a little bit

more time to prepare for this awesome chance to all quilt together again!

We have had such an incredible response to this Mystery Quilt 2022.

I am absolutely blown away, and so very thankful to each and every one of you.

As I've personally had a minor setback with my health - injured my sewing pedal foot,

but that can't stop me from doing what I love - quilting with you!

With such a large response though, I also want to give everyone a chance

So if you still haven't gotten everything, you've still got time!

Please note that depending on shipping methods, ship time can vary.

So let's take these next few weeks to heal, prepare, and get ready for one of our

most FUN mystery quilts we've ever done!

March 14th Can't wait to see you then!

Happy Quilting and Healing,


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