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Star Upon Stars QA - Week 1

I am SEW glad you are joining us for our

Welcome to the first week for our Star Upon Stars Quilt Along.

I always enjoy learning something new and exciting and then sharing it with you!

Today we will be sewing Small Stars to let our quilt top sparkle.

Visit our YouTube Channel for in depth details.

For this project, I chose our Primrose Fat Quarter, Star Upon Stars Template Set,

Scrappy Lights Fat Eighth Bundle, and Scrappy Darks Fat Eighth Bundle (or you can use scraps from your own stash), Aurifil Thread – 2370 or 2325, Rotary, Creative Grids® Ruler, Fabric Pencil and Best Press.

Edyta's Tip: I reccomend starching your fabrics before you begin. I love how well Best Press spray works!

Cutting directions for this project can be found in our Star Upon Stars Pattern

or in our book, Patches of Stars.

Edyta's Tip: I cut my strips using my 4½" x 12½" Creative Grids Ruler then used my acrylic

Star Upon Stars Template Set. It was so easy and quick to cut pieces for my stars!

When starting this project, I think it is best to do one block at a time.

Small Star Block

For 1 block, you will need 4 Small Stars and 4 Half Small Stars

Start by making just 1 Star to learn the technique.

Note from Edyta: With this little block, I want to share one of my favorite techniques, how to make an Eight Point Star. We will refer to this technique in the future weeks.

Select your fabrics. For 1 block you will need:

1 Fat Eighth in light fabric for a background.

5 Strips 1¼" dark for your stars.

Follow our YouTube Channel for a step-by-step guide on how to make these cuties!


Cut your background Sqaures and Quarter Square Triangles.

Cut and mark your background squares using a fabric pencil to mark 1/4" seam allowances.

Do the same for your small star triangles. Set background pieces aside for now.

Edyta's Tip: Use your fabric markers to keep these pieces organized.


For the star points, cut strips, following directions in your pattern.

Use the small star template to cut 8 diamonds.

Or place a ruler on the fabric strips, aligning the ruler's 45-degree line with the

bottom edge of the strip, cut diamonds.

Mark each diamond with a 1/4" points using your Small Star Templates.

Begin sewing at the tip of the diamond. Sew to the 1/4" point,

stop and backstitch. Sew the remaining set of diamonds in the same manner to create

4 sets of two diamonds.

Press the seam allowances to the left on the four sets of diamonds.

Lay two sets of diamonds right sides together. Mark the top diamonds with a 1/4" point as shown.

Begin sewing at the tip of the diamond. Sew to the 1/4" point, stop and backstitch.

Before pressing the seam allowance, trim the "bunny ears". Press seams to the left on star halves.

Lay the two star halves right sides together.

Pin at the point where the threads cross in the center forming an "X".

Begin sewing at the "X" down to the 1/4" point, stop and backstitch.

Flip the star over and begin sewing from the "X" to the 1/4" point. Stop and backstitch.

Open the center seam and press seam allowances to the left.

Watch our YouTube Channel for more details.


The star is now ready for the background pieces to be set in.

Fold the star in half, right sides together. Pull a star point back as shown.

Edyta's Tip: Always begin with the setting triangles. You may find it helpful to lightly crease the center of the triangles. This will help align the setting triangle with the center of the star points.

Lay a setting quarter square triangle on the star point, right sides together.

Edyta's Tip: You may wish to mark 1/4" points along the edge of the setting triangles. The point will act as a guide, along with the pin, to mark the pivot point.

Sew from the diamond tip to the pivot point. Stop and backstitch.

Reposition the star point so the unstitched edge is aligned with the setting triangle.

Begin sewing at the pivot point, backstitching to secure the first stitches.

Continue sewing to the tip of the triangle. Open the star block and

finger press the seam allowances toward the star to complete the "Y" seam.

Set in the remaining 3 triangles, then proceed with squares.

Lay a background square on the block corner, right sides together. Place a pin at the pivot point.

Sew from the outside edge of the square to the pivot point.

Stop, backstitch and remove the pin.

Reposition and begin sewing at the pivot point, to the edge of the square.

Finger press the seam allowances towards the star. Continue to set in the

remaining background squares. Press the seam allowances toward the star.

Square up the finished block, if needed.

Watch our YouTube video for more details, and join us LIVE on Fridays at 11am PST if you have questions.

Make 4 Small Stars and 4 Half Stars as shown above.

Look at you shine!

I am SEW proud of your hard work - keep going making those beautiful Small Stars!

Can't wait to see you next Wednesday to learn our next techique, how to make our Center Star!

Happy Quilting!


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Apr 01, 2023

Hi, I have just bought the pattern, but not the templates. Can you tell me how big should I cut the square,from which to make the quarter square triangles. I cant see the size on the instructions.

Thank you . Dette O'Connor


Mar 26, 2023

I did one by machine and one by hand. I’m going to hand piece the small stars.


Mar 24, 2023

I am going to do one by hand and one by machine. What are you setting the stitch length at for these?


Mar 22, 2023

I am enjoying diving in!

I know that a few of us are hand-piecing. I've got my templates (thank you for producing those!). The Lemoyne Stars are great by hand, no issues, but I'm looking at the Lone Star and wondering the best way to approach.

If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them in the appropriate Q&A live!

I'm also curious -- I assume the original was hand pieced? I found it on the Grand Rapids museum site, and the listing says that it is.

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