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Super Bloom – Block 7

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Welcome back to our Super Bloom Block of the Month!

It’s so amazing that we get to gather together even though we’re all spread so far apart. I am so thankful for your friendship and being able to quilt with you.

When I try to find some peace, quiet, and balance, I always look to quilting. For some reason, it gives me exactly what I need – are you just like me?

I cannot believe we’re already on Block 7!

To get started, grab your Super Bloom Pattern and laser-cut Block 7 package or your Super Bloom bundle if you’ve been cutting your own pieces.

Begin by making 4-patches from two blue squares and two light squares.

After sewing the blue squares to the light squares, push your seam allowances towards the blue.

Then sew units together and press. Repeat 3 more times to make four 4-patches.

Next, make one half-square triangle (HST) unit by joining one light and one red HST.

Sew and press. Push the seam allowance towards red, then clip the bunny ears and trim.

Join one red HST unit to 2 light HSTs. Push the seam allowance towards the HST triangles…

…and then add one large pink HST.

Push the seam allowance towards the pink, then using your favorite Creative Grids Ruler and rotary, trim and square the unit.

Repeat to make 8 triangle units.

For the center of this block, arrange four small, dark blue squares and four light rectangles around one big, light blue square.

Sew into three rows.

Then sew the rows together and square your center block using the ruler and rotary.

Finally, lay out all of your units starting with 4-patches for each corner, 8 triangle units for the sides, and center block in the middle.

Sew into three rows, sew the rows together, and press.

This block is going to be sew beautiful in the quilt!

Block 7 done – 2 more to go!

Happy Quilting!


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