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  • Edyta

Super Bloom – Block 5

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer, full of quilting flowers and sewing fun!

I have been longing for a journey, but since it’s not possible at this time, this trip around the world (quilt) is the next best thing.

So let’s quilt together, we have Super Bloom Block 5 to make!

Start with making pink half square triangle units.

You will need 24 of these for Block 5, don’t forget to trim.

Arrange 6 of them with a small light square in the corner and large light square as shown above.

Sew the triangles into rows.

Then sew rows and squares together. Press, trim, and repeat to make 4.

Arrange 4 quarter square triangles as shown above.

Sew them together into sets of 2.

Sew sets of 2 triangles together and remember to pin.

Press and trim square using your rotary and ruler. Repeat to make 4

Next we will be making 4 half square triangles for our center unit.

Arrange them with 4 rectangles and 1 center square. Sew into rows and sew rows together.

Press and trim your center block.